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Jordan Pryce: Ass Up For Anal

Jordan Pryce: Ass Up For Anal

Jordan Pryce: Ass Up For Anal

“I used to have a personal trainer but after three boob jobs I can’t do any sports,” Jordan Pryce told us. No problem, Jordan gets her workouts fucking, an activity she is very, very talented at.

When Stanley Johnson shows up for their gym date, Jordan is busy adjusting her giant boobs in a pink Latex dress that fits her like a glove. Jordan’s known for snapping bra and dress straps that can’t handle the stress of supporting her enormous tits.

Stanley asks the blonde Amazon why she’s wearing a hot pink party dress if they’re going to workout together. She makes her pouty face and has a better idea. Jordan has lost all interest in going to the gym. She feels Stanley’s junk and would rather workout on her couch. Stanley can do push-ups on top of Jordan and lift her heavy tits to get some weight training in. Jordan wants her pussy and asshole fucked and tells him straight-up. Stanley doesn’t need an engraved invitation to accept Jordan’s offer.

“I’m known for my boobs,” Jordan moaned in her baby doll voice. She always sounds like she’s on the edge of an orgasm even in a regular conversation. “I love it! I like to have sex every day and I get it.”

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