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Kitty McPherson – Home Office Romp

Home Office Romp

Home Office Romp

These high-powered executives and politicians and their high-powered workloads? It is all bullshit. The solely workload they actually think all day long about is the load they’re going to shoot on their hot assistants and interns. Take this lad, for sample. He’s trying to seal a deal but this woman chaser is distracted by cute Kitty, his head of personnel. She’s going to reveal him why she’s head of personnel by giving him head whilst this chab is on long distance. His business talk shuts down quickly so this fellow can get down to real business and screw her on his executive daybed and that babe can jerk him off all over her bigger than standard hooters. This is how it works in the real world of the wheelers and dealers.

“I’m single,” says cam-girl and ukulele player Kitty McPherson from groovy Portland. “But if I had a dude, I’d give him blow jobs all the time and cook him breakfast. He would screw me rough and lovely the way I love it and cook me dinner.”

“The utmost compliment I’ve ever received was during the 1st time I ever discharged with SCORE Group and I was mouthing some mad wang and I looked up at the camera and the camera boy gave me a thumbs up. Hands down, the almost any awesome feeling in the world.”

“The worst compliments are along the lines of ‘I like a lady with meat on her bones; no one urges to fuck a twig; real chicks have curves.’ When anybody says that, they’re objectifying all hotty’s and they’re not making me feel worthy, which is what a real compliment is supposed to do. I will not say ‘thank you’ to that. I love my body and myself and that’s all that matters to me.”

When it comes to collision boys at parties or wherever, Kitty says that babe is “super-introverted and I do not even go to parties. But I’d probably ask a friend to go up to a gent I identified alluring and tell him to come over and talk to me.”

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