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Krystal Swift: Czech Mate

Krystal Swift: Czech Mate

Krystal Swift: Czech Mate

“When I saw a porn video for the first time, I wanted to try it myself,” said Krystal Swift. So she followed her dream and became one of the Czech Republic’s most-popular stars. “I practiced with boyfriends in my bedroom and looked at myself in the mirror so I could see what I thought that people at home watching me would see. I am a talented screamer. I can scream very loudly. I like a lot of sex for fun and I think about sex a lot, maybe more than other girls.”

Krystal is always easygoing, cheerful and positive. Our photographers always enjoy her visits because she radiates good times and love.

“I would rather do this than work at a boring job for eight hours. It is fun and I get to express myself, cum many times and have good sex. I like to show my body and I like sex so this was right for me. I am young and I like to have fun. Most of the time, I’m assertive. I’m happy when I get good and long sex with a nice guy. I don’t like wasting time with foreplay.”

Krystal mentioned she would like to start her own business when the time is right. We recommend creating a bra shop for big-boobed girls and women because we have two-track minds. Krystal could also cut down on expenses by modeling bras herself for her catalog.

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