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Lana Blanc: Sexy Body Shine

Lana Blanc: Sexy Body Shine

Lana Blanc: Sexy Body Shine

Lana Blanc lives the raunchy, raunchy lifestyle. No nine-to-five office grind for her. Jetset_kitten is her online name. Travel and visiting recent counties is one of her great pleasures.

“My dream that I have not at all done is to be DP’ed. I have done tons of unconventional stuff. Administering an enema to somebody is probably the strangest thing I have done, although I will admit, it was oddly carnal.”

Originally from Miami, Lana lives in Houston.

“The merely erotic encounters I’ve had with honey bunnys have been by way of a trio or a team fuck. I’ve had three-ways, four-ways and fuckfests. I have done it all. I love watching Lesbian porn but I have at not time desired a woman on her own.”

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