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Lana Ivans – Baby Got Rack

Baby Got Rack

Baby Got Rack

You should find the change in Lana Ivans. Yes, it’s as plain as day. Lana’s mellons are larger. This babe has busted out a bit more. Lana was so sexy before this. She was, adore they say, a person of interest. Now this babe is even sexier, bouncier and jigglier. Was it the corn as Lana claims? Lana told a couple of years ago that eating corn is benefical to a girl’s breast growth. We do not know for a fact if it is.

A small in number, love E.D., had noticed the cleavage change and took the time to give some props to this robust Romanian snugglebunny. “Ya know what is truly marvelous is how she has a more filled-out, but still hour-glass, figure. And how, now, her milk cans from the side or back have a full shape with a well-formed teat at the end and that every teat has a petite indent. Please be taking more images and movies of Lana whilst that babe is so unbelievably pretty. Amazing.”

Supplementary inches aside, Lana remains the same shapely, gentle gal she’s been since we began photographing her in 2010, a beauty who’s won the hearts of her SCORE girlfriends in the group shoots we’ve done the past small in number years.

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