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Lasirena69 Lasirena69
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Lasirena69 likes wang. Shell take any color, but her favourite? The one her spouse cant give her of course. A greater than run of the mill, thick damp dark schlong. She loves the contrast against her pale skin and the sensation of her holes being stretched beyond their restriction. This babe especially can’t live without banging her spouse after shes taken a nice dark pounding because that babe usually can’t feel him at all. After their party, when just one guest is left, Lasirena69 enters the room with no top on and crawls across her spouse to need to the dark-skinned rod. This babe asks him if hes ever fantasized about her lips on his rod. That babe tells him she thinks about his bigger in size than typical dark-skinned shlong all the time. Her spouse watches as she slides his jock in her mouth, but not before confessing that this babe merely wishes him in her arse. Their friend glazes her face in his spunk and leaves her to be fucked by her very avid white worm.

Lasirena69 Lasirena69

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