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Lena Lewis – Lena’s first time

Lena’s 1st time

Lena's 1st time

Lena Lewis, a 51-year-old cougar who was born in Germany and lives in Recent York City, makes her debut by mouthing and banging Rocky’s 25-year-old ding-dong. Here, she is the owner of a store that sells hot underware. Rocky comes in looking for smth for his girlfriend. This babe flaunts him a couple of crotchless belts.

“It’s a little nasty but I am sure you’ll have joy with it,” that babe says. “Do u think she would adore it? Do you desire me to flaunt u a little more?”

So much for the girlfriend. Rocky’s about to get some skillful muff.

“I lead a type of double life,” Lena said. “I receive to be very secretive about certain things I do and often acquire to tell a story.”

Lena has been an analyst, a office assistant, a cabaret performer, a burlesque dancer and a bartender. That babe isn’t a swinger or a nudist. We discovered her when that babe put out an classified ad looking for naked modeling work. We were exactly what this babe was looking for.

“This is joy,” Lena said. “And I must have sex with all those youthful, sexy, well-hung studs.”

Lena used to ski. Now this babe enjoys reading, exotic dancing and hiking. When we asked her what this babe urges to do that that babe hasn’t done yet this babe said, “Get married and live with a guy who shares my ideals, fantasies and hobbies.”

That guy is definitely not Rocky. But, hey, this isn’t about like. It is about craving.

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