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Lorna Morgan – Lorna Morgan Part 1

Lorna Morgan Part 1

Lorna Morgan Part 1

Lorna Morgan’s romp on Eleuthera Island in The Bahamas begins with Lorna and her soon-to-be room mate getting acquainted on the way over to the SCORE beach house, showing their bigger than average scoops during the drive.

One time in their room, the 2 try out their beds by jumping on ’em, smth all busty beauties do when testing mattresses. (Exactly what Lorna and her roommate Kerry Marie did in On Location Key Largo.)

Sat on the dock of the bay with fishing rod in hand and wearing a see-through white blouse, Lorna talks and flaunts fun bags. The beach house was across an islet from Spanish Wells, one of the most populated areas of sparsely-populated Eleuthera and the arrival of Lorna and her bosom buddies became the talk of the locals. Despite their mellow lives, the islanders don’t approve of public nudity so the cuties and the photographers had to be careful during shoots. The challenges of shooting in nature’s garb hotty’s in public are many; likewise many to list.

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