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Lust In The Limo

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Lust In The Limo

Here is smth nearly unbelievable: Rich boys with millions of dollars have to hire hookers to receive some action. (Yes, cause the fact that they are rich just doesn’t cut it with your standard gold-digging whore. They get to pay for sex.) But, we are not gonna argue with that since almost all sweethearts make no doubt of this to be true thanks to the magic of the episode “Pretty Woman”. So in an effort to keep up that Cinderella-esque ideal that if a beauty is nice-looking and bewitching enough, it overshadows the fact that that babe blows many, many jocks for money and a rich dude will save her from the streets. Let us pretend that Kianna Dior is a hooker with a heart of gold who merits some rescuing. Kianna comes across a rich smooth operator who has a limo that he’s ready to let her rest her overtired tootsies in. (It is coarse pounding the pavement and getting your snatch pounded, also.) So, being the overly grateful streetwalker that she is, Kianna resolves to brandish him her gratitude with the only thing this babe has to offer a rich guy…her hooker vagina. Does that man resolve to whisk her away from all things hooker-like because of her prime, amorous, pink clam and righteous cock-sucking skills? Hell, no! This isn’t the clips. What that fellow does do is promise her that he will be back next week for one more romp in the limo with her. Hey, this charmer did not take her off the streets, but at least he’s giving her a steady income, or rather cumming in her a lot.

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