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Maid For Sex

Maid For Sex

Maid For Sex

Marie Leone is one of the bustiest maids ever seen at SCORELAND. Marie’s big 34J-cup tits look like they’re about to explode out of the top of her uniform. She coyly asks Peter in her sing-song voice if there is anything she can do for him as she feather-dusts his leg. A neon sign blinking “Fuck Me” would be less subtle. However, Peter seems content for the time being to sit on the couch and watch our friend Marie bounce around with her feather duster, her big boobs jiggling.

Unfortunately, Marie’s fantastic tits precede her and her pride and joys knock over some decorations. Peter’s fine with that. Marie knocks over some more stuff with her duster and gets flustered and very apologetic. Peter suggests that if Marie wants to wear something more comfortable to help her work better, she should go ahead. Marie takes this a big step further.

Marie opens the top of her uniform and takes her big tits out, then resumes her dusting. When Peter sees what Marie’s packing, he goes crazy. (And so did we.) Since his wifey is not home yet, Peter finally caves into Marie’s desire to suck his cock and spread her pussy for a hearty fuck. A maid’s job is hard and dirty but time flies when Marie has a good master of the house to work under.

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