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Maria Moore – Jackumentary



Maria Moore: a name synonymous with greatness. Today’s Jackumentary looks at the highlights of her scenes at V-mag and XLGirls. The unveil spreads with Maria collision TSG editors on her first day in 2003. They were boob-drunk for the rest of the day, wandering the halls in a dazed condition.

Moreover her physical blessings, Maria’s point-of-view about sex, relationships and life intrigued everyone. “I have a theory about the first date,” Maria told. “I think u should have sex 1st. Why waste your time having dinner with someone you do not like? I think you should just receive it without the way and discover out if the sex is priceless, and then, if it works out, have dinner. I believe in him coming in 1st and screwing me. I invite him in and have sex. That is my prepossession. I have been rejected a hardly any times and had a scarcely any bad dinners, but it usually works out to one as well as the other of our advantages. We’ve sex and we loosen up during dinner. We’ve a more good date, and, of course, we love each other more. I think that is a better way.”

An magnificant philosophy.

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