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Martina: From Glam To Wham Bam

Martina: From Glam To Wham Bam

Martina: From Glam To Wham Bam

Some years back, we asked what gorgeous Martina wanted to do when she graduated college in the Czech Republic and entered the real world.

“I may take an office job at school or in a business but that does not pay so well,” Martina told our translator after her original SCORE shoots. “I’ve tried dancing in nightclubs so I’ll probably do that for a while. A girl can make a lot of money stripping.”

So what Martina did was become a porn star, often using the stage name Stella Fox. She also went blonde. She’s used several other names over the years but keeping score is difficult when a girl does that. Martina or (Stella) has a bit of a taste for the raunchy side as this sweaty, down and dirty video and her other video show.

Over time, Martina thickened up a little. She had become a mom but that didn’t stop her from making videos. For a body comparison, Czech out her early solo shoots when she was slim and brunette.

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