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More Cherry Makes It Merry

Cherry Brady knows sexy outfits. This babe buys bras, shorts, little reservoirs, short dresses, shag shoes and all kinds of novel costumes and sexy wear all the time. Cherry‘s got the body for them, no denying! Here this babe models her little nothings, a mirror at the ready. “My latest thing I just bought is a little Femme Bot outfit. It’s pink and fluffy. It is cheesy, but it reminds me of a Femme Bot and I like it. That’s my favourite one right now.” Now who are some of Cherry‘s favorite models? We’ve to ask. “Well, they are all great. But I adore when they talk a lot and I was watching this clip the other day and it had Natalie Fiore in it and she talks so much! And this babe has this accent! This babe is just rubbing her knockers and talk, talk, talking love, ‘Oooh ju know ju want me, babee…’ and I loved it. I was love, ‘Oh, you sexy wench, u!’ I like when a cutie talks a lot and interacts with the viewer. U know u bucks at XLGirls and SCORELAND have given tit males their own little place to come and watch what they like. Boyz who like big milk shakes, naturals, fake bazookas. U know, all other porn, the angels look exactly the same. It is adore you can stamp them out from an assembly line. You males bring in all kinds of cuties, in all shapes and sizes, one’s not more valuable than the other and you know what? I love that. I think it’s great.” You’re great likewise, Cherry Brady.

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