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My Living Doll Jessy Bunny

My Living Doll Jessy Bunny

My Living Doll Jessy Bunny

Jessy Bunny’s nipples were sensitive before she got them pierced. Now they’re even more sensitive.

“I have my little piercings and they make such a difference, and since I got these boobies, I really love to touch them because they’re so big,” Jessy said. “I can touch them here, and here and it’s like I have four handfuls of boobs because they’re too big for just two of my little hands. I love playing with them and squeezing them. It’s just so great.

“I’m not a natural beauty and I don’t wanna be one. I’m an enhanced bimbo princess with big lips and big bewbs.”

Jessy calls her tits Milly and Lilly. Her first magazine pictorial was published in SCORE Volume 29 No. 6.

“I’m so proud of being in it,” Jessy wrote on her Twitter page. There will be more to come.

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