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Natasha Valuable

Natasha Nice Natasha Nice
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Natasha Worthwhile is a Finest Cuckoldress, and today’s Cuckold Session flaunts off her astonishing skills. Just observe the way she handles not one — but two — sissy bois. The first round of mental fuckery starts when the cucks think they’re gonna shag a goddess…which, they are. Once they blow her up! Natasha has her sissies take turns face screwing and fingering the blow up doll in advance of it is warm-up time. Natasha is such a giving Cuckoldress! Round two includes sweet Natasha allowing her sissies to warm up both holes with their tongues, even though it bores her to tears! Thank goodness that’s when The Bulls arrive. Time for Round Three: make no mistake about it, if either sissy looks at either Bull in any type of "faggy fashion", it’ll be time for a beat down! Natasha has already given her Bulls a green light to kick white-boi booty, and they the one and the other make it abundantly clear that’s exactly what they’ll do! Round four? All of Natasha’s holes are pounded while the cucks helplessly jerk. Which, certainly, leads to the last round and a grand finale: clean up time! Favourable Natasha has 2 cucks to clean her up, which she’ll need, as the one and the other Bulls traipsed into the room with days of backed-up balls! Do not miss a drop, cuckie boi…or u might receive that beat down after all!!!

Natasha Nice Natasha Nice

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