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New Discovery!

New Discovery!

New Discovery!

Wow! Meet Natasha Enchanting! You’ll be seeing a lot of her at SCORELAND.

Natasha lives in Italy and is originally from the miniature Republic of Moldova (official language: Romanian) that is bordered by Romania and Ukraine. Now, according to a study published in The Journal of Female Health Sciences, American honey bunnys have the world’s gigantic mangos. We think this is bogus when u consider all the beauties in the eastern European countries.

Natasha’s very photogenic and smooth on-video. This babe is definitely a natural on-camera. “I am interested to read the things that the boys will say about me” Natasha told us. “I had enjoyment making my pics and episodes. I think this [SCORELAND] is the right place for me ‘coz there’re so many attractive girls with bigger than standard scones.”

“I adore very active and polite lads,” Natasha said. “Guys who can be nice slaves and boyz very priceless at sex who know how to manage big mammaries.” No doubt Natasha has no bother finding volunteers for those duties.

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