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Nikki Smith discussed her particular talents during a visit. Now we know what some of these peculiar talents are. Nikki flaunts what they are in this movie scene. Juggling her massive 38H bra-stuffers and finger-banging her sugar-snatch while talking about it.

“I have been said I’ve a beautiful singing voice,” says Nikki. “I am quick with witty comebacks and my nerd side can’t live without to shout out the answer to the Wheel of Fortune puzzles. But I guess my foremost talent is giving head.”

True it’s about Nikki giving great head and the confirmation is in the five hardcore episodes on

Nikki told a TSG editor a humorous story about a no-so-funny neighbor who interrupted one of her cam exposes.

“I was out side in my backyard and I was doing a unveil. My roommate, who is a guy, came outdoors. And this man by no means comes outside when I am on the cam ‘cuz that stud knows. He was all adore, ‘Nikki, there’s somebody at the door for u. ‘And I was like, ‘Well, I am busy.’ This guy told, ‘It’s the cops.’ And this chab asked if I was intend to get dressed. I was all like, ‘No!’ So I went to the door bare and they were like, ‘Miss, do u want to cover up?’ And I was adore, ‘No, I am ok. I am in the middle of doing smth right now.’ And they said me my neighbors had complained about the noise level. And they just wanted to let me know that there’s a decibel level, not that I was anywhere near the decibel level. It was my neighbour who called and the cops said me that that babe had the right to take me to civil court, or whatsoever it is called. But I’ve come to the completion that this babe was just truly jealous and that babe called the cops coz her spouse started checking me out the moment I started camming. So, I know why that babe was so voided urine. They were literally dumbfounded. They didn’t know how to have the conversation with me ‘coz I was standing there nude. It took them a pair of seconds to realize that I wasn’t going to acquire dressed to talk to ’em and they more astonishing just get this conversation going.”

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