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Nineteen and Ready

Nineteen and Ready

Nineteen and Willing

We have said it in advance of. There’re some girls who look naked with their handsome garments on. Sadie Bloom from Philadelphia is one of them and SCORELAND was fortunate to have her enter those Hallowed Halls of Fullsome funbags.

Sadie’s taut, orange costume in this recent glamour photoshoot is like a second skin. It indeed emphasizes her bigger than run of the mill scones and her va-va-voom curves. If you ever have the fine luck to watch Sadie, be careful not to walk into a parking meter.

The funniest pick-up line a smooth operator has ever tried on her was “Listen, I’m not precious with pick-up lines so what pick-up line should I use to interest u?” That babe did not say if it worked or not.

Sadie is one of the nominees for Voluptuous Newcomer of the Year 2012. Maria wrote in her movie Blog with Sadie, “She came to us by way of her boob-loving ex-husband who told, ‘Take your love muffins to SCORE!’ and Sadie did.”

Sadie is solely 19. She’ll be Twenty on June TWO, 2013. So young. So priceless. So busty. Do u desire more Sadie Blooms? What do u wanna watch? Let us know and comment underneath.

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