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Porsche Dali – Ridin’ In A Porsche

Ridin’ In A Porsche

Ridin' In A Porsche

Online courting is all the rage those days. What’s more convenient than pulling out your laptop, cell phone or tablet and collision the angel of your fantasies from the comfort of your own home? Curvacious GG-cupper Porsche Dali and Tony Rubino had that exact idea. This day is their first date, and they’re the one and the other excited to lastly meet each other after chatting online. And cuz it is Porsche Dali, we know it is gonna be hot and enormous.

“I’ll bonk on the first date if the chemistry is right,” Porsche said. “I do not have any set rules about things adore that. Some of my hottest bonks have come on the first date. I one time banged a charmer in the backseat of his car at a drive-in theater. We aren’t allowed back there now, though.”

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