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Rack ‘Em Up!

Rack ‘EM Up!

Rack 'EM Up!

Your SCORE date for a game of pool is none other than bouncy and bubbly Gya Roberts! Looking handy with a stick and balls, Gya is ready to rack herself up. She’ll teach you a thing or two. The stylish clothes she is chosen for this play date are mind boggling. Tight petticoat; taut, low-cut sweater, silky stockings and fuck-me pumps. No one in this pool room stands a chance. Who could concentrate on the felt when she’s messing with your mind love this? Some cuties got it adore that and Gya is one of them! Gya’s explained her point-of-view previous to but it bears Iterating. “I like it when guys stare at me, so I am always in miniature tops that are very low-cut in the front and unveil off my bosoms. I love to wear mini-skirts and diminutive dresses that flaunt my waist and my pantoons. I adore to be looked at. I don’t know where I got this body from ‘cuz my Mamma is very short and does not have any curves. But I am tall and have a lot of curves, so maybe I’m just fortunate, I think. I am not ashamed of my body, so if smth is petite and hugs my curves, I adore it. I like things to fit taut. I think that gracious garments should be like my second skin.” Gya really rocks.

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