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“I execrate wearing a undergarment,” Lanea Like says right off the bat. “I like walking around my insert a wifebeater and straps.” Going out on a date is a different story. “Let’s go to a fine restaurant so I can get dressed up and look hot for u,” Lanea says about an evening out with her. “Then let us go to a lap dancing club and dance. Dancing says a lot about a boy; how that man moves on the dance floor tips me off about how he’ll be in bed later on.” Lanea craves a ladies man who’ll share pleasure activities with her. “Doing smth out and being active is what I like. I love to try smth fresh and thrilling. The last thing I urge to do is hang out on a daybed and look at a DVD and eat take-out. One of the things I really want to try one day is a zip-tie ride throughout a Costa Rican forest. That looks so thrilling. I just need a buck to go with me! This chab can play Tarzan and I can play Jane!”

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