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Riley Star

Riley Star Riley Star
Riley Star @
You’re invited to a cuckold party, and Riley Star is throwing it! You see, Riley likes watching all sorts of porn, and lately she’s been watching videos with cucks! She’s not sure what to make of it, so this babe called two of her pals over — Rico and Rob — to explain to her a little bit more about cuckolding porn…and if cucks truly existed! Turns out Rob and Rico brought their cuckold pal Jay over to meet Riley, check out some cuckold porn, and then…you know, turn him into a cuck right there for Riley to witness. Certainly Rob and Rico had by no means tapped that cunt, until today, so they were potty and anxious! Turns out what they suspected all along was true — Riley’s enchanting twat was even better than her "head game", which turned out to be glamorous magnificant also! Riley was not likewise sure what to make of her cuckold, but that babe did her very topmost to do what all three studs wanted: the cuck to "get some", also! He sure did, too…especially when it was time for clean-up duty!!
Riley Star Riley Star

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