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Sexy Lexi

Sexy Lexi

Sexy Lexi

Lexi Slade is a hot, skinny (5’3″) vixen with 34H-cupper mounds that this babe can lick, engulf and squeeze. Knowing of our eternal pursue for big-breasted sweethearts, Korina Kova recommended that Lexi contact the SCORE studio. Larger than standard props to Korina for the referral.

“I have many fetishes,” Lexi told. “One of the ones I figured out was my Mom fetish. I’m the oldest without six so I’ve always had a caring nature to me. I’m too an aspiring mastix. I like being a bitch cutie mommy. Another fetish of mine is stockings and tights. The look and feel of ’em really turns me on. I have a dunky race play fetish as well. It’s unconventional for me to use the term race play because to the world it means one thing but to me and all of my subordinates, it means race worship. I’ve grown up loathing the color of my skin and believing everyone else execrated it, likewise. Then I started sex work and realized many chaps and sweethearts worship the color of my skin. It has actually given me the confidence I needed to look for my hawt fantasies.

“I masturbate a lot for my supporters and subordinates who merit it. I make clips and have a premium Snapchat where it all goes down. Now I’ve the congratulate to masturbate for SCORELAND. I am so fortunate. When I masturbate, I really acquire into it, especially when I’m thinking about all the money my kinks are showering me with as we get off jointly. It’s greatly sexy!”

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