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Sha By The Sea

Sha By The Sea

Sha By The Sea

Sha Rizel made the tour to the Dominican Republic for the second time since 2013 as a worldly, well-versed SCORE Girl among a group of relative newcomers. In addition to these Caribbean supergroup shoots, Sha had been photographed in Ukraine and Prague.

Sha looks the same as she did in 2013, diminutive, stacked, sexy and glamorous. She hasn’t changed at all. Her mounds may be a little larger. Nature tends to dictate that a very slender girl shouldn’t have indeed larger than average, natural bra-busters but there have always been exceptions.

Sha has a wealth of experience in glamour modeling and was a bigger in size than average aid to the employees in many ways…a kind of large sister to the other girls. In her captain’s cap and bathing costume, sensational Sha looks willing to take command of the island.

SCORE editor Dave wrote in the December 2018 issue, “When u have a combination like Sha + Swim costume, you could pose her in front of cardboard and nobody would notice the background. But you know us: We’re suckers for photographing busty chicks in tropical locations.”

Fact is, exotic, fantastic locations put a hotty in a specific mood, smth cardboard can at not time accomplish.

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