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Sha Rizel – Sha In Charge

Sha In Charge

Sha In Charge

“A lot of men will bring me flowers and invite me out to dinner. Too, some studs invite me to go sailing with them. That is very fun. Every lady loves feeling impressive and knowing that bucks admire you. But sometimes it can be a bit also much. There should be a balance to it. Dudes shouldn’t just stare all the time. They should sometimes look at my eyes.”

These words are by Sha Rizel in an interview. Worthwhile. Fascinating. Appealing. And now prepare for smth completely different from SCORE‘s Beginner of the Year 2013.

Here is a side of Sha Rizel u haven’t seen. General Sha has taken over and no one leaves until Sha receives the information that babe needs. U are un-cordially invited to be questioned by her. This babe has ways of making u talk that no gent can resist. Beatings, sleep-deprivation, torture, drugs, hypnosis, extortion? Bah, those are aged, obsolete techniques of interrogation and information extraction. Sha’s approach is absolutely different and leaves no bruises. You’ll be begging Sha for the privilege of spilling out anything by the time she’s done with u. You will see in this photo spread and movie scene, Sha In Charge. Now…where have u hidden your hard drive?

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