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She’ll Make You Pop

She’ll Make You Pop

She'll Make U Pop

Ah, recent sweetheart, recent pantoons. Life can be ravishing with a new busty treat. 1st time’s a enchantment for Siri, making her SCORE arrival a specific double header with an introductory pictorial and cam-show all by herself and then–Pow! Bam! Zoom!–right into a hawt boy-girl sexin’ session. That’s starting things off at SCORELAND with a big bang. Siri may be the supreme in creamy-skinned, pale-white, tall, captivating mid-western American blondes with hot and greater than typical natural scoops. Siri definitely has the GND phat babe aura about her. Siri‘s movie scene chat and blog chats reveal this very clearly. The sexy bod and the brain in one curvy, shapely package. Siri hooks up with penile-pistolero Carlos and, for someone who took a long break from sex with boys, Siri has tons of insane skills and mammary mojo with the schvanz. Then afresh, Siri did say that this babe and her hub have been swingers’ for a year now. That is right, one more SCORE reader’s wife joins Team SCORELAND. Don’t miss Maria’s 2 Blog vids with Siri (she’s a karate playgirl, also and demonstrates, just for kicks) and look for Siri‘s SCORE magazine first appearance in the September ’12 all-natural edition. And remember, you saw Siri at SCORELAND 1st. Let’s go to the episode and enjoy Siri‘s couch pole-dance. The man-pole, that is. She’ll make u pop! This is a Siri-ous situation!

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