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Sigal Acon: The String Bikini and Oil Caper

Sigal Acon: The String Bathing dress and Oil Caper

Sigal Acon: The String Swimsuit and Greasy oil Caper

“I’m a very easy person,” told Sigal Acon, the captivating knockout with the flawless body for string bikinis, and the reason the digi camera was invented. The reason SCORE was created.

“I mean, maybe I look complicated, but I am a completely facile angel and still a dominatrix, and we don’t wish also much. We just wish something romantic. I love when people are really polite. For me, respect is 1st of all, so during a first date, I adore when a lad knows how to talk. It is all about the person first of all and second is what is all around us. Flowers, music, whatsoever. If you are comfortable with a person, it doesn’t actually matter.

Sigal loses her tiny bathing suit during this discharge and pours a bottle of greasy oil all over her large, natural funbags and her wazoo. The superlatively good kind of slippery nipple.

“I’m a perfectionist, and for me–and for any gal, I’m sure, when that babe looks at herself in pictures–I do not say, ‘I’m just perfect.’ No. I observe myself and think, ‘Okay, I must work a little bit here, a little bit there. This is not bad but this could be better.’ That is how I observe myself. I’m very self-critical. But when I watch somebody who’s the same shape as I’m, I say, ‘Wow, that babe is pretty!’ But for myself, I am very strict.”

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