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Sofia Damon’s Bikini Day at SCORELAND

Sofia Damon’s Bikini Day at SCORELAND

Sofia Damon's Bikini Day at SCORELAND

Sofia Damon is happy and excited because she’s invited you to her place where she plans to show you the new bikinis she’s bought. You can help her pick out the swimsuit she’ll wear when you take her to the beach for the day. Her choices in swimsuit brings tears to the eyes of the true big-breast lover.

Of course, other men will be eyeing her up and down and losing their minds seeing her huge, beautifully shaped tits stretch her little bikini tops to the max as soon as you get there, but no worries, she only has eyes for you. Before the beach trip begins, spend some time with Sofia in her hot tub.

“I like to show off my bust,” Sofia told us. “I wear low-cut tops all the time. I like to be admired, even when my neighbors look at me when I am by my apartment window. When I go out, I like to wear a bra, but when I am at home I like to wear just a top.”

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