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Sofia Rose – I Live Out My Fantasies

I Live Out My Dreams

I Live Out My Fantasies

To call Sofia’s whoppers only “big boobs” is a major understatement. Sofia Rose tests the endurance of her boyfriend Tony in “I Live Out My Fantasies” and that includes measuring how lengthy he can hold his breath with his face engulfed in her enchanting, huge bosom and how lengthy he can handle her throat and hot wet crack without blowing his load all over her. “Although I love to swallow cum, I know it is a immense turn on to chaps to see cum and a sloppy mess,” Sofia says.

“I used to be a abdomen dancer, so obviously my body likes to move in different kinds of ways,” Sofia said. “That helps during sex. As for my favourite position, with each husband I relish smth better than the other. I would typically say doggie-style but in some instances I like the fellow to be on top of me and for him to have the control. Then I’ve found I adore the control also and lady on top. I adore sex, in any position.”

In this scene, Sofia is in the driver’s seat. Then that babe and Tony reverse the control game. “I like plenty of giving a kiss and areola play when I am on top. I’d love to have sex each single day if possible. If I wait a few days, I definitely savour the build-up and the anticipation.”

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