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Street Pick-up

Street Pick-up

Street Pick-up

Even when Alexis Silver is feeling sleepy or inactive, that babe desires to copulate and copulate good. She’ll not at any time lay there and count the cracks in the ceiling while the buck does all the labor.

“I’m quite introverted in my personal life, but on the set, I become a bit of an brute,” Alexis revealed. “It’s precious coz there’s the porno Alexis and then there is the real me. I can go back and forth betwixt the two. I live my porno life and then I live my normal life, and I definitely acquire to be competent to differentiate between the two, which I do.

“Porn is fantasy, and it is an gorgeous dream to be part of because I can come to work and live out these most maddest fantasies and then just go home and be totally average and do laundry. Clean up the cats’ poo and stuff like that.”

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