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Ram Her With Sweets

Stuff Her With Sweets

Stuff Her With Sweets

Sweets are Jammin Jennie’s weakness. Cake, pie, pastries, pussies, chocolate, tiramisu…if it has sugar in it, she’ll eat it. That babe has the same kind of cravings for schlong, too. “Cock is lovely to my vagina love how desserts are lovely to my tongue. I like to eat one as well as the other of ’em just as much, likewise. My favourite thing to do is find a lad with a bigger than standard dick, then get it all fine and inflexible with my fun bags and throat. When that Lothario is standing at full attention I adore to put a piece of cake on his pecker and eat it off there in advance of I engulf and copulate the shit without him.”

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