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The Chesty Girl Next Door

The Chesty Girl Next Door

The Chesty Girl Next Door

A geeky girl can hold many secrets. Kate Marie is not a geeky girl, she just starts off her scene dressed as one. Breast-men cannot be fooled. At least not for long. We know that underneath her baggy sweater is a chest that can bust open the buttons of her tight blouse. And underneath the baggy skirt of our brainy beauty is a booty of blinding blissfulness. It’s a pleasure to watch Kate Marie play in her nerdy student bedroom. She does feel that, overall, she is the girl-next-door.

What does Kate Marie like to do when she’s feeling sexy?

“Clothing and lingerie help me to personify my sexiness,” says Kate. “I love pencil skirts and V-neck shirts. Some wine and a romance novel top the list of things that make my juices flow.”

Did Kate watch her previous SCORELAND videos by herself or with a friend?

“I watched them with friends,” said Kate with a wink-wink. “Loved them and my friends were speechless.”

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