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The Jenni Noble Warm-up

The Jenni Noble Warm-up

The Jenni Noble Warm-up

The hottest girl at SCORELAND?

There are many.

Jenni Noble is one of the hottest. One of the most common comments about her magnetic charm is her down-to-earth, girl-next-door appeal. She could be your neighbor down the block, your co-worker or that voluptuous, big-boobed brunette you spot in the supermarket. A neighbor with a crazy-hot body. In other words, Jenni is girlfriend material.

Today is workout day for Jenni. She’s brought her yoga mat, she’s dressed to stretch out and she’s invited Nicky Rebel to give her a helping hand. Nicky assists Jenni in warming up her legs, and while he’s stretching out her thighs, she feels the heat building up between her legs.

The workout doesn’t get beyond the warm-up stage because Jenni yanks on Nicky’s boner and that changes the plan. She pulls off his pants and his hard pole pops up. Faced with this uprising, Jenni decides she would rather suck and fuck for the time being than do a tree pose. We’ll have to wait until another time to see her workout.

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