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Vee For Vixen

Vee For Vixen

Vee For Vixen

Sexy Vee VonSweets is minding the flowers and watering them. As sweet as the flowers she’s tending, Vee turns the spray on herself and spritzes her low-cut dress. The wet fabric sticks to her big tits and we can see her dark nipples under the fabric. Vee better get out of those wet clothes. And now that Vee’s naked, she can give us a cum-show. Flowers are nice but seeing Vee play with her big boobs and pussy is much nicer.

Vee uses her fingers to cum in this scene but she also likes to use toys at home.

Says Vee, “I use both a dildo and a vibrator, but I prefer a vibrator, or vibrators that have another piece attached to it so it’s like a dildo and a vibrator. You can use it on your clit and inside you at the same time. Those are good. I have those.”

Vee mentioned on her bio sheet that she got an anal toy to experience some beginner’s ass play.

“I got an anal toy because a lot of people on the webcam bring up anal questions, and I don’t have too much experience with it but I’m not against it. So I put something called ‘My First Time Anal Toy’ on my wish list and somebody got it for me, and I liked it. It’s kind of small because it’s your first toy, but it’s a little bit bigger than your finger and it vibrates, so I had a good experience with that.”

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