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Watering The Rose

Watering The Rose

Watering The Rose

This is the first time we’ve watched Ellis Rose wear a bathing dress. “I wear a bathing costume when I go to a spa and swim in their pool, or when I am on holiday, I will go to the beach or the hotel pool. Every lad looks at me. I suppose boys hope it will fall off when I swim. One day I wanna spend a month on a large ocean liner so I can wear a swim dress daily.”

Ellis always acquires the eye when that babe goes out. Not long ago that babe wonders if the dudes checking her out have observed her at SCORELAND. “No one ever walks over to me and says they have seen my images but I wonder if they have. The thought of that excites me a little, that guys have pics of my face and body in their minds.

“I do not dress very hot when I go out, love I see other cuties on the internet, and I do not take selfies of myself wearing glamourous clothing and put ’em on Instagram to attract attention.” If Ellis wanted to do that, we’d chase in a heartbeat.

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